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Much of my work is deeply rooted in the notion of using multiple pieces to create a larger cohesive work of art. Originating from a mixed palette of recycled materials, my work reclaims discarded artifacts from the distant past to re-imagine new meaning. 


In many instances, the ideas will emerge from the objects themselves as the form takes shape. I specifically use repurposed materials and intentionally recreate a whole new context for them. 

There are times when I find solace in exploring thought provoking ideas regarding nature, technology and the sublime. Other times, I will work on projects where I jump into creation within a whimsical world of community-oriented magic, color and play. I find that both modes of creative expression are essential to my well-being as an artist. 


Overall, I love working with the human and animal form and I’m fascinated by its endless expression and ability to convey movement and emotion. The essence of my art practice is summed up in this statement: “A journey into the past with the future envisioned.” 


- Dana Albany


Dana has created and exhibited at the de Young Museum of Art in San Francisco, Chatsworth House in the U.K., The Exploratorium, The California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco Arts Commission, SOMAR Gallery and the San Francisco Airport.  


Public commissions, private commissions, installation projects, community workshops and community building.
Original project concept and development,  custom fabrication, working with children, speaking gigs, teaching and mentoring.

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