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The Body of Knowledge is a large scale sculpture of the human body, entirely composed of out-of-date textbooks and library books. 


Each book represents a single cell or specific part of the body. Whether that book contains concrete scientific facts, fiction or poetry, it’s stories and tales are what compose the form itself. The silent presence of these books - which one could ultimately classify as discarded knowledge - speaks quietly and powerfully when they take human form in this sculpture.  

Body of Knowledge was built for Burning Man in the year 2000, a time when books were being copied online at a feverish pace. The sculpture’s presence in the desert evoked images of the Libraries of Alexandria and ancient history. 


It was built specifically not to burn, but to pay homage to the exquisite, tangible Holders and Keepers of Knowledge.


Body of Knowledge

14’ feet  tall    

Materials: Discarded re-used books, steel and wood armature

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