Public Sculpture & Installations
Selected Commissions

Role: Creative Director and Lead Artist 

June 2019 - June 2020

"Tara Mechani" installation in Patricia Greens/Hayes Valley
San Francisco, CA

♼ SF Arts Commission


2018 "Tara Mechani"

♼ Partnership with Burning Man Foundation

and Playa to the Paseo Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park, San Jose, CA

2017 - 2018

♼ Private Commission, Healdsburg, CA 

♼ Burning Man Commission, Black Rock City, NV

"Coral Reef Recycled"
♼ Commissioned by the California Academy of Sciences
San Francisco, CA


"Pterosaur in the East Garden"
♼ Commissioned for Exhibit
by California Academy of Sciences,
San Francisco, CA


♼ Commission at Lifelong Medical Center, Berkeley, CA  (2016 to present)

"Laffing Sal" ♼ Exhibited at The Queen Mary Hotel & Attraction, Long Beach, CA

♼ Commission at Silver Avenue Family Health Center, San Francisco, CA


"Mission Butterfly"
♼ Public Education Grant for South Van Ness, San Francisco, CA


Exhibition Work (Highlights only)

Group Shows


"Reclaimed Room"
♼ Building Resources, San Francisco, CA


"What Tethers Us"
♼ The De Young Museum,
San Francisco, CA


"Refined by Fire"
♼ Gallery Point Richmond, CA
(Also previously in 2012 and 2010)



♼ Celebrating 20 Years, San Francisco Airport, San Francisco, CA




♼ Stinson Beach, CA



♼ Venus Gallery, San Francisco, CA


"Mariposa Bevelaqua"

♼ Trans-America Building,
San Francisco, CA


"2nd Skin"

♼ Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA

"The Art of Recycling" 

♼ San Francisco Public Library,
San Francisco, CA

"Detritus Chronicled"

♼ Varnish Gallery, San Francisco, CA

"Roadside Attraction"

♼ SomARTs Gallery, San Francisco, CA


Solo Shows

Voyage ♼ PG&E Building,
San Francisco, CA

Xina Neon ♼ Women’s Building,
San Francisco, CA


Four ♼ Norcal Corporate Headquarters, San Francisco, CA


Voyage ♼ Main Hall, Bioneers Convention, Marin, CA


Stanley ♼ Sony Metreon,
San Francisco, CA


Prior to 2008, Dana actively exhibited in numerous San Francisco galleries and venues including: SomARTs Gallery, Minna Street Gallery, Exploratorium, San Francisco’s City Hall Grounds, John Wickett Museum, and S.F. Arts Commission Window Gallery solo show as part of larger exhibit.


Burning Man

As a long-time Burning Man creator, Albany has been exhibiting large-scale installations in Black Rock City, Nevada for almost 20 years. Projects supported by The Burning Man Project include:


2018 ♼ Passage

2017 ♼ Tara Mechani

2015 ♼ Shrine Ozan & Laffing Sal (revisited)

2013 ♼ Y.E.S.
Youth Educational Spacecraft Project

2011 ♼ Griffins
2005 ♼ Laffing Sal

2003 ♼ Great Temple Altars

2002 ♼ Belly of the Whale

2000 ♼ Body of Knowledge

1999 ♼ The Bone Tree (1999-2014)

1996 ♼ Avenue of the Arts Collaboration


Community Champion

Y.E.S. Project
The Youth Educational Spacecraft Project

 Healdsburg, CA
(Permanently installed in 2018)

This mobile spaceship functions as an interactive classroom providing hands-on learning in the creative and technical spheres of art, science and history. Led by Albany and supported by her team, youth groups from the San Francisco’s Tenderloin and Hunter’s Bay areas designed and built the exterior mosaic from recycled materials.


This magical time capsule of found objects has traveled since 2013 to engage the public at Exploratorium, San Francisco, Maker Faire, San Mateo,  Burning Man, Black Rock City, Fremont Street + Zappos, Las Vegas and Abundance Silver Avenue Clinic, San Francisco.


As with many of Albany’s projects, Y.E.S. has been enthusiastically supported and funded by many community partners including: Burning Man, The Crucible, Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco, The Exploratorium, Maker Faire and private donors.

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Daisy the Recycled Dragon

Albany’s penchant towards community engagement and support has resulted in Daisy, The Recycled Dragon. Daisy is a 20 foot-long Chinese New Year Dragon made from recycled materials and LEDs. Daisy was commissioned by Recology, San Francisco and still performs in Chinese New Year.

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Hearts in SF 
Albany was one of the initial 130 artists to participate in Hearts in SF, a successful fundraising initiative of the S.F. General Hospital. Albany took broken shards of Muni bus station glass creating Mariposa Bevelaqua, a piecing together of street debris to honour a friend who lost a limb in an accident. The original Mariposa Bevelaqua was purchased and now resides in England. Two further iterations were commissioned privately and one resides in the Trans-America Building in San Francisco.

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2003 Artist-In-Residence

Dana was selected as an Artist-in-Residence at Recology, a resource recovery company with over 100 years of collecting, sorting and re-distributing materials in California, Oregon and Washington states. As part of her residency, Albany produced work while engaging with school and adult tours about the value of recycling, sparking ideas for innovative ways to reuse materials. Her resulting work Odyssey Recology was on public exhibit at the PG & E building in San Francisco and became part of Recology’s permanent art and education collection.