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"Release" A 30 Foot Sculpture by Dana Albany





Standing over 30 feet tall, Release is Dana Albany’s most ambitious project to date. Combining recycled mixed metals, steel, and china mosaic, Release features a striking female figure emerging from a china chrysalis.


It tells a profound story of liberation, metamorphosis, and the boundless potential inherent in all of us.

For this new project, Dana is employing 3D modelling to meticulously design the sculpture. This will ensure  its structural integrity for such a large sculpture while preserving the artistic vision of emergence through using negative space.


Evolving from her previous projects such as Tara Mechani, the Monumental Mammoth, and the Youth Educational Spacecraft Project, Dana is taking a fresh approach with Release


Learn about RELEASE, our progress, and how you can help. You can sign up below for updates. We’d love your help in bringing this project to life! You can also contact Dana directly if you have specific questions.

"Release" A 30 Foot Sculpture by Dana Albany
"Release" A 30 Foot Sculpture by Dana Albany
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