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Radical Horizons Exhibit: The Art of Burning Man

Chatsworth House, Derbyshire, England

Coralee: Mermaid of Chatsworth

Built on site at Chatsworth House - Participatory Build

Installed at Chatsworth, UK Summer/Fall 2022

Currently Available for Exhibit or Purchase

Coralee is a mermaid sculpture composed of recycled glass and mixed- metals that was made on site at Chatsworth, located in Derbyshire, England. Coralee was part of the Radical Horizons Exhibit: The Art of Burning Man.


This mesmerizing creature emerges from the past, paying homage to legend and mythical tales about mermaids once said to inhabit the landlocked region of the National Peak District in Great Britain.



In our present time, Coralee urges viewers to take a closer look at the treasures she is compiled of and perhaps contemplate current environmental issues on land and at sea. She was built on site using recycled materials collected and saved by the phenomenal staff at Chatsworth House. 


Local school children were able to participate in the creation of her glass scales and the mosaic pool she lays in. Glass bottles were collected, cleaned, tumbled and and later fused together. She is a symbol of feminine strength and beauty, a modern-day heroine.


Special thanks to all of Chatsworth, Burning Man and Coralee’s core team: Heather Henderson, Flash Hopkins, Haideen Anderson, Kathy Richardson, countless school children and awesome volunteers.

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