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Southern Nevada will soon have an iconic life-sized Colombian Mammoth sculpture inspired by the Tule Springs Fossil Beds. This sculpture will symbolize Nevada’s rich Pleistocene past while highlighting the importance of protecting and preserving public lands, by integrating repurposed objects retrieved during clean-up efforts.

I was approached by a 16 year old Girl Scout to help build and design the exterior metal skin of this monumental creature! Who could say “No” to a young girl with a big dream?!




Tahoe Mack conceived of the idea of a Monumental Mammoth being built out of recycled metals for her Girl Scout Award project.


She assembled a team of  artists Dana Albany and Luis Varela-rico-Rico, with Protectors of Tule Springs, Nevada to succeed in the successful creation and installation of the sculpture that will serve as a trailhead feature in North Las Vegas, welcoming the public to explore the nearby park lands.


The Monumental Mammoth became a beautiful project, bringing a diverse group of people together building art, community and protecting the future of public land. It was installed at Burning Man and Life is Beautiful in 2019.


In the early fall of 2020, it will be permanently installed at Tule Springs National State Park with Girl Scout Tahoe Mac, Luis Valeria-Rico, Sherri Groether and the Protectors of Tule Springs.

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