Y.E.S project

Youth Educational Spacecraft Project

Y.E.S. is a mobile spaceship classroom built from repurposed and found objects by kids from San Francisco's Tenderloin and Hunter’s Point neighborhoods. 


This collaborative art program for youth gives them time and space to create, participate, and then exhibit their work, while engaging children in hands-on experience focusing on art and technology.


The project, brainchild of artist Dana Albany and Burning Man Project co-founder Harley Dubois, began with the construction of a beautifully crafted steel frame, 12’ in diameter and 11’ tall with an acrylic observation dome on top.


Over 100 children from the Tenderloin, Bayview Hunter’s Point Boys & Girls Club of San Francisco were given the opportunity to help create a spacecraft under the guidance of many artists skilled in several disciplines. The kids worked side by side with experts in model making, mosaics, robotics and lighting,   View Project Photos >