Tara Mechani by Dana Albany is a figurative sculpture that entwines aspects of the ancient female Buddha, Tara, with characteristics of a futuristic female robot. 


Playing with the contemporary fascination with technology, the artwork infuses the mechanical with the compassion and empathy associated with the ancient deity. Tara Mechani challenges us to embrace the future without losing sight of past beauty and ancient wisdom. 

The sculpture's art deco aesthetic is inspired by the robot Maria from the classic silent film Metropolis. 


Tara is a composite of recycled machine parts, hinges, hardware, keys, locks, door handles, stainless steel, cable, chain, gears, cogs, copper, brass, hints of glass, tools and old artifacts immaculately blended. She is a medley of non traditional materials which were all collected from local San Francisco businesses that have either vanished or changed hands. 80% of the materials used for Tara were recycled.